Southwest Airlines Co. (NYSE: LUV) Stock Gets “Hold” Rating From Zacks Analysts; Know What It Means


Expert analysts are of the opinion that Southwest Airlines Co. is currently sinking as the market is gaining in more ways than one. LUV stocks traded at $47.59 in the last trading session. This marked a loss of $0.48% from the previous day’s close. This news came from LUV stocks as S&P 500 made a daily gain of 0.88%, NASDAQ made a gain of 0.7% and Dow added another 0.83%.

Last month, LUV stock was making a steady gain. It made a gain of 16.49% overtaking the transportation sector’s growth of 10.41% and S&P 500’s addition of 9.12% during that period. However, the bright look of LUV stock that was happening last month is not continuing this month, evidently.

Southwest Airlines Co. (NYSE: LUV) Stock Analysis

Analysts expect the Airlines Company’s stock to increase in strength by the next release of its earnings report. As per now, Southwest Airlines Co. is expected to report -$1.64 EPS. This is down by 267.35% since the corresponding quarter last year. The company is expected to announce a quarterly revenue of $2.18 billion, according to the latest consensus. This is also down by 61.92% on a year-over-year basis.

Zacks analysts expect a FY2020 (full year) EPS of -$6.50 which shows a negative change of 252.22% since previous year. The company’s net revenue is likely to be $9.18 billion, that is about 59.05% less than 2019.

According to Zack Investment Research, LUV stock has a rating of “Hold” currently. Several other firms have also submitted their reports on Southwest Airlines Co. stock. Its estimated EPS has also moved up by 0.49% since last month. According to Zacks’ Ranking system, Southwest Airlines Co. is ranked 242 among 250+ industries. This rank puts it at the bottom 6% of all the industries enlisted under Zacks Ranking system.