Invincible Superheroes Review: Forever Members Of The Blue Badge Of Courage


We have always believed in the superheroes in our lives, the caped crusader who gives us strength enables us to be noble and permits us to die in glory and with pride. The Second World War strengthened our convictions and our principles that we are required to stand up for what we believe in, whatever the consequences. With great power comes great responsibility. Invincible, the son of Omni-Man, has his father’s super strengths and flying ability. But with power comes the onerous task of facing the truth of his origin and the responsibility of adjusting to his newly acquired powers. 

When the world tells them to move, the supermen always lodge themselves like a dam against the tide of injustice. But what we do not get to see is the havoc they wreak. We have always believed that there is always a right and a wrong in the universe and the distinction is never hard to discern. And someone noble and strong is always there just over the horizon to come and save our world.

Superhuman and super villainous characters have ever been a part of the combined military and industrial system. With every success, MCU has always gone all-out to make them more martial. They have always been super saviors emerging victorious from the carnage of the battlefield. They have the power to change the world, but things instead only keep getting worse.

We have a refreshing exception in The Boys as it deals with the disturbing image of superhero militia on the rampage. Amazon once again treads the path followed by its Amazon forerunner.

Mark is descended from a race of peaceful aliens called VIltrumites who came to our planet to help mankind. While working on his part-time job, Mark discovers his invincible powers at 17. He has all the super attributes of speed, strength, and flight. But he is also vulnerable at times.

Blood And Gore: Very Much Part Of The ‘invincible’ World.

There is much of that graphic brutality in Invincible that threatens to disaffect viewers. We find Mark Grayson right in the thick of battle as he faces an alien invasion for the first time. As laser beams tear through flesh and drench him with blood and gore, we are reminded of the D Day landing portrayed in all its gory details in Saving Private Ryan. The point is made that such in-your-face violence is numbing, but then Mark is forced to keep his poise and shake out of his traumatized and distressed state as he strikes back.

This all happens after Mark gets the upset news that an attack had left his father unconscious. It has also killed the leading members of the superhero team on the planet. Mark speedily learns the trials and tribulation that comes with being a superhero.

The composition of any show is characterized by how well it handles its second episode. The explanation of a pilot episode has been dealt with and here we witness the full-blown storyline as ‘Invincible’ straddles between Mark’s dual life as a civilian and a superhero. His father’s sparkling villainy enriches the plot.

The planet of ‘Invincible’ has expanded rapidly after the first plot and after the total annihilation of the superhero team, we see a new team supported by the Global Defense Agency, on the lines of Marvel’s counter-terrorism and special law enforcement agency, S.H.I.E.L.D.

The Teen Team Of The Invincible


The teenage team includes much younger heroes, including Rex Splode (Jason Mantzoukas) and his girlfriend, Atom Eve (Gillian Jacobs). There is also Robot (Zachary Quinto) and Dupli-kate (Malese Jow) and they all team together replacing Guardians of the Globe to stave off the Flaxan invasion.

Within the 3 battles with the Flaxans, Mark’s life at school is further complicated as he develops a soft corner for Eve who faces a new rival in Amber. She had stood up to Mark’s bully. It is the same predicament that Peter Parker was in, and Mark has his version of Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy to deal with in his personal life.

Mark is more comfortable with Eve as she understands his super world. But Amber pursues Mark more intensely after coming to know how he stood up for her. 

The Global Defense Agency is tasked with investigating the assault on Guardians of the Globe. Stedman is given charge and he enlists Damien Darkblood, the demon sleuth who uses his super ability. There is also Allen (played by executive producer Seth Rogen), who checks on Earth’s defenses.

It is always thrilling to explore a new super world popularized by DC and Marvel. As teenagers, we were always drawn to the cool names and exciting designs.

A Surfeit Of Talent 


Without much fanfare, we are dropped right in the heart of a universe manned by superheroes. The voice cast is brilliant, led by the great Clancy Brown. He is the fiend in the trench coat and Seth Rogen imparts a goofy charm as an extraterrestrial heavy hitter. Zazie’s voice is charmingly assured as Amber and she manages to keep up with the superhuman powers of Mark. The casting of Rex and Eve is super fun and is at odds with their earlier roles.

Britta has a severe case of ego complex, but without the potential to triumph in even minor battles. There is Eve, who has the skill but is more detached emotionally than Britta. And there is Rex Splode, Atom’s boyfriend, whose sole routine is to make objects explode, a reflection of his pompous energy.

The pacing of Invincible is hit as the plot is overstuffed beyond a point. The invasions of the Flaxons are repetitive and there are too many subplots. That makes this episode more unwieldy and unwieldy than the first.

Debbie is the perfect emotional anchor as Omni-man is in a coma almost throughout the episode. She remains in a pensive mood for her husband. We grieve all the more as we realize that Mark’s father, Nolan is a cold-blooded murderer, and is not the super husband of Debbie’s dream.

Invincible: Can Never Ignore The Omni-man

Debbie has always been a foil to her villainous husband, and she also stands up in support of her son, more so as her husband is unconscious. It is revealing how much she derives all her energy and enthusiasm from her husband. Her role may be supportive but not passive as she also confronts the GDA who comes between in the way of her husband. There are a lot of emotional moments shared between Debbie and her son, Mark.

And Omni-Man finally wakes up from his unconscious state and proceeds to destroy an extraterrestrial planet. He manages to save the Teens and his son from the Flaxans. He gets super-charged when he eyes even bigger targets and Omni-Man quickly destroys whole cities and a satellite. The fate of the inhabitants of Planet Earth is in the hands of Omni-Man and if he decides to manipulate them at will, there is little anybody can do. But all that remains a mystery at the end.

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