Rachel Levine, The First Transgender To Become The Assistant Health Secretary Of America

Rachel Levine
Rachel Levine

Rachel Levine, the former secretary of health of Pennsylvania state, made history in the US Senate. She is the first person from the member of the transgender community to be selected as the assistant secretary of the department of health of the United States of America. The historic event took place this Wednesday.

Rachel Levine’s Worthiness

The voting for her post was done along the lines of the party. Rachel Levine becomes the first unapologetic transgender belonging to the federal office to win the confirmation of the Senate. The total number of votes involved in her case was 52-48. Two senators from the Republican party came forth to join the Democratic Senators to vote for her. They include Maine-based Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski all the way from the state of Alaska.

Rachel Levine had stayed in service as the top official of the health of the state of Pennsylvania since the year 2017. It was there that she came put as the popular figure of the response of the state with regard to the covid-19 pandemic. With the appointment, she will now be looking over the offices of the department of health and human in the whole of the country.

The 63-year-old Levine had been nominated by Joe Biden, the president of America. While doing so, he mentioned the experiences she had had in the field of her work. The president had talked about the leadership qualities she possessed when it came to the health department. He added that Rachel Levine will help the country sail through the public health crisis the country was facing due to the coronavirus pandemic. Joe Biden also stated that things like religion, race, gender identity or zip code have nothing to do with ability.

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