Justice League Snyder Cut: A Notch Above The 2017 Version

Justice League Snyder Cut
Justice League Snyder Cut

The reviews have started pouring in for Justice League Snyder’s Cut. The interpretation of the movie as envisioned by the famed director has drawn both adulations for its brooding intensity and generous treatment of its characters, and exasperation from a few detractors for its tiring length. Snyder has created whole new lore based on DC characters and the fans can’t wait.

The movie is leagues above the watered-down bland version of the 2017 version. Zack Snyder had helmed the original movie too. But a family tragedy had forced him to abandon his baby at the important stage of post-production.  

Justice League Snyder Cut has all the grandeur that only he is capable of and that should totally please his fanatic followers. The lackluster 2017 version had enraged his legion of fans.  What began as an innocuous hashtag #ReleaseTheSnyderCut from an army of fans soon turned into an outpouring that forced Warner Bros. to release Snyder’s cut of the movie. Hundreds of thousands of his fans signed a petition and even purchased a billboard in Times Square to petition for the legendary alternative to the 2017 version of the movie.

Is There Really A Difference?

The pertinent question for those watching on the sidelines would be ‘is there really a difference? The answer is a definite yes. The cut version runs for 2 hours while Justice League Snyder Cut runs for almost twice that. New scenes have been added while old ones have been extended. The reunion of Aquaman with an Atlantean was not there in the original while the defense by Amazon of Themyscira has been given an unrestrained treatment.

But there have been some bold and sweeping changes that have altered Justice League Snyder Cut. The origin stories of some characters have been altered/ while the original ending has been changed quite a bit. And the movie has emerged quite stronger from the treatment.

We have noted at least five places where Justice League Snyder Cut has deviated majorly from the original and sets right many wrongs in the original version of the movie.

It Was Never Steppenwolf’s Invasion

Justice league snyder cut
Justice league Snyder cut

The Justice League Snyder Cut works majorly for this particular reason – the complete revamp of the villain of Justice League. The motive behind Steppenwolf’s wanton destruction of Earth and the total annihilation was not explained in the first movie. Fans did not have an explanation for why would he aim to transform the planet Earth into one hellish landscape? He could have benefitted more by conquering Earth and enslaving its human subjects.

Justice League Snyder brings lucidity as regards this. The actual villain is Darkseid and Steppenwolf was merely his sidekick; Darkseid sending Steppenwolf to do most of the busy work of conquering the universe for him. But he doesn’t have a reason to conquer and enslave humanity. He is only out for wanton/ destruction to please his master, Darkseid, and win the master’s trust. It adds a tragic dimension to Steppenwolf’s character. And so some fans have trouble with Steppenwolf’s obliteration at the end, for they wish to see a clash with Darkseid sometime in the not-so-distant future.

The Martian Manhunter Enters The Stage

In the middle of the movie, Martha Kent, Superman’s mom talks with Lois. Martha strives to pull Lois Lane out of her depression as Clark is dead. She has not been doing much writing since his death and that indicates her overwhelming grief. It doesn’t help but in both versions, the tete-a-tete lifts Lois’ spirit.

But the actual change lies elsewhere. In Justice League Snyder Cut, Superman’s mom is in fact J’onn J’ozz, better recognized as Martian Manhunter, with his shape-shifting ways. The fact that J’onn is masquerading as Martha Clark gives us a whole new perspective of his character. It is intriguing to note his interest in Lois and Martha though Justice League Snyder Cut has attributed no reason to it. Perhaps he has a certain affection for Lois.

He isn’t there much in the rest of the movie that leads us to question his motivation. He doesn’t help out against  Steppenwolf, neither does he use his telepathic powers. He is only there during the end requesting Bruce Wayne of his intention to be a part of the Justice League. His motivations are not clear though.

Cyborg Gets To Tell His Story

Justice League Snyder Cut
Justice League Snyder Cut

This could be one of the favorite additions to Justice League Snyder Cut. The movie goes deep into the equation between Cyborg and his father. The father-son duo does not get along even in the original. But things turn more intricate when Dr. Stone transforms Victor into the Cyborg and that saves his life.

The original merely doesn’t go deep into the relationship. But here you get to see how Dr.Silan Stone has barely any time for his son and instead concentrates on his work. The tragedy lies that his son thinks his father never liked him and Dr.Silas thinks that he has protected his son.

He tells his son that his decision has made Cyborg capable of saving the earth and it is for him to use his powers dutifully. The relationship ends tragically as Dr. Stone sacrifices himself and allows his son to save Earth.

Victor’s thoughts are about avenging the death of his father and finding closure in their relationship. This brings so much to his character as seen in the 2017 version.

A Prolonged Nightmare

Batman’s nightmare is an important episode in Justice League Snyder Cut. Called ‘Knightmare,’ this sequence is depicted for the second time after it was first shown in Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Then, Batman dreams of an apocalyptic world in which Superman reigns supreme. This apocalyptic vision causes him to confront Superman in that movie.

The dream is depicted in this movie in the epilogue. It is again the same dusty, nightmarish, post-apocalyptic world. here we see him along with the Joker, Cyborg, Mera, and Deathstroke. They all are fleeing and confront the villainous Superman. The allusion is to their inaction that leads to the apocalypse. Lois Lane’s death could be the key to these visions.

This regular ‘Knightmare’ portends to be a regular feature of Snyder’s upcoming movies and the protracted plans he has for the universe. Perhaps the next movie will develop on Batman’s dream and his attempt to transform the present.

This subjectivity projected by Batman attempts to delve deeper into the opacity of his character in both adaptations of the movie. Batman’s dream sequence as depicted in Justice League Snyder Cut doesn’t project real suspicion or antagonism towards Superman. It gives us an inkling into Batman’s troubled relationship with Superman and what it portends.

Justice League Snyder Cut: The Epic Finale 

The final battle in Justice League Snyder Cut has been a total revamp. The battle against Steppenwolf depicts Flash relying on his speed to build a charge that can turn big enough to help Cyborg combine with the Mother Boxes. Here Flash concentrates more on running in circles and the process is shot down by parademons. This ultimately prevents him from hitting Cyborg with the charge and foils the Justice League in their endeavor to save Earth from Darkseid.

But Flash comprehends this and travels faster than the speed of light, breaking his own rule and in the process journeys back in time and undo the failure of the Justice League.

Steppenwolf is finally defeated and devoured by the Parademons. This paves the way for sequels. This radical deviation from the 2017 movie rests on the assumption that Flash can move back in time and prevent catastrophes.

But Flash also recognizes that altering the past can have worse consequences for the future. This could also be possible for Flash to go back in time and warn Batman and the rest about any dangers. This was depicted in Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

The revamped/ end in Justice League Snyder Cut also points towards an inevitable confrontation between Darkseid and the Justice League. More than ever it is now imperative to build a new team to fight Darkseid.

If justice league Snyder cut proves to be a commercial success over and above the critical success that it already is, a sequel is in the offing. it is obvious that he has the team in place and what he plans to do about them. All he needs is a green signal.