Invincible’s Finale Episode Broke Many Hearts


It can be said that the Invincible, the adult superhero series, that airs on one of the most popular streaming platforms, Amazon Prime, is full of brutality. As the show proceeds, the scenes only get bloodier. And the journey of Mark gets tougher as he tries his best to save the world. However, the finale of the show created a new boundary that The Boys, another Amazon Prime series, never could. 

Invincible Was An Emotional Rollercoaster

All of Season One was successful in proving the fact that superheroes can do a lot of damage to normal human beings. There are scenes displaying cut heads and crushed bodies. Though this is a really disturbing thing to watch, however, the creators of the Invincible wanted the show to be viewed from a realistic point of view. 

The same notion has been carried by The Boys as well, however, there is a difference in the way of making the delivery. Although there is no absence of emotions when it comes to The Boys, Invincible has a different family-emotion inclination. And this makes it a perfect deliverance of emotional realism. Also, there is this “relatable element” that comes with these emotions that make the show’s finale a challenge to watch. 

After Mark discovers the truth about his father, the truth leads him to have a fight in the end. Omni-Man is the one who has been carrying out the evil activities in the Invincible. The last fight is the most brutal to see. Viewers will have a hard time watching Mark get almost beaten to death by his own father.

Omni-Man, who is also known as Nolan, is made at his son for not viewing things from his point of view. And that is why he goes to show Mark that his world and the people who live in it are weak and meaningless.