Iran Missile Strike Responsibility Taken By The Country

Iran missile strike
Iran missile strike

There was a missile bombardment that took place near a complex that was the U.S. consulate. This building was situated in the northern part of Iraq and the entire responsibility for this incident was taken by Iran. As per the country, the Iran missile strike was implemented as a reaction to the Israeli attack on Syria that resulted in the death of two Revolutionary Guard. 

Iran Missile Strike, Cause And Its Impact

The foreign Ministry of Iraq called upon the ambassador of Iran and asked him to protest against this unfortunate attack as it violated the sovereignty of the country. Though there were no injuries after the Iran missile strike, the relationship between Iran and the U.S. deteriorated.

The Government of Iraq has firmly criticized the attack and asked for a logical explanation from Iran as it breached several international norms and laws. The Government of the U.S. blamed Iran for the attack that was unjustified and was tactfully executed on a premise filled with innocent civilians. 

In the words of Jake Sullivan, the advisor of national security in the White House, America will always support Iraq and other partners who will help to confront similar events that are happening in Iran. He also added that the U.S. will always fight for the independence, sovereignty, and integrity of Iraq. 

As per a news agency in Tasmin, 10 missiles were fired with 300 kilometers range that was supposed to hit the consulate of the U.S. instead of hitting the building, the residential areas near it were damaged with signs of broken glass and dust everywhere. 

In a Cabinet meeting, the Government of Iraq refused to be a part where they had to conduct a settlement between the two countries. The Iran missile strike occurred several days later after an Israeli attack that took place near Damascus in Syria.

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