Naomi Osaka Cried After Being Heckled In A Match

Naomi Osaka
Naomi Osaka

Naomi Osaka was playing in the Indian Wells Masters when a heckler shouted from the crowd that she sucks. Naomi Osaka was playing against Veronika Kudermetova this Saturday at a tournament that was held in California. While the match was going on, a woman from the crowd shouted that she sucks which was again protested by the crowd. 

How Did Naomi Osaka React After The End Of The Match?

Naomi Osaka wanted to instantly reply to the heckler and requested the umpire to let her speak with a microphone. She appealed that she just wants to talk peacefully without cursing anyone as the comment affected her. However, Naomi Osaka’s request was denied as the umpire forced her to talk about anything after the match ends. 

Naomi Osaka lost the match. After the match she said thanked the crowd with a quivering voice and wiped the tears from her eyes. She stated that she has cried many times on camera and just like that day she was also heckled before which did not affect her. 

Osaka, also mentioned that she has seen past videos where big players like Serena Williams and Venus have been heckled in the same stadium, and those videos really affected her mental peace. 

She did not want to cry yet she could not control her tears in front of the crowd. She ended her speech by thanking the people and congratulating her opponent, Kudermetova for her win. All the pressure that Naomi Osaka is facing caused her to think about taking a break. There was even news that she will be soon announcing her retirement from tennis forever. 

She stated that in all her matches she gets very tense and thus, after a win she feels more relieved than happy. Naomi Osaka also did not participate in Wimbledon and in the Olympics that was held in Tokyo, she lit the cauldron as the most famous player of Japan.