Iraq-Syria Airstrikes: President Biden Orders 2nd Attack On Iran Backed Militias

Iraq-Syria Airstrikes
Iraq-Syria Airstrikes

For the second time, President Biden has sanctioned retaliatory airstrikes on militias since assuming office. The Iraq-Syria airstrikes were targeted against militias backed by the hardline regime in Iran.

The Iraq-Syria airstrikes were a swift reaction to drone attacks aimed at American facilities and personnel inside Iraq. The militias have vowed to retaliate.

Iraq-Syria Airstrikes Against Militia Weapons Storage And Operational Facilities

US military sources have given a statement on Sunday on the Iraq-Syria airstrikes. It said that the attack targeted weapons storage and operational facilities at a location in Iraq and another 2 in Syria.

Syria condemned the strike and the state-run news agency SANA reported that a child was killed and another three people wounded in the airstrikes.

President Biden ordered the airstrikes. This attack marks the second instance that he ordered attacks against militias backed by the Iranian regime in his five months in office. He had last ordered an attack on alleged militia facilities in Iraq in response to rocket attacks.

Spokesman John Kirby from the Pentagon read out a statement justifying the ‘necessary, appropriate, and deliberate action’ which he claimed was aimed at preventing any escalation of the conflict. He said that the airstrikes would also send out a message of deterrence in unambiguous terms.

Kirby further said that the Iraq-Syria airstrikes were aimed at facilities that the militias supported by Iran used to engage in UAV attacks on US military facilities and personnel inside Iraq.

He also said that President Biden has given a strong message that he was willing to act swiftly to protect US interests. The Iraqi military issued a statement that 4 militias were confirmed killed. Kataib Hezbollah, a Shia militant group has vowed revenge for the attacks.

President Biden has held back any comments though Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker, said that the airstrikes were in response to specific and serious threats.