US military confirms terror attack on US base in Kenya

U.S. military acknowledges al-Shabab terror attack on U.S. base in Kenya.

The U.S. military has confirmed that a terror attack happened on the military base in Kenya. The Somali terror Al-Shabab has claimed they are responsible for attacking US military that houses some U.S. military staff. Kenyan authorities repelled the attack that caused the death of four militants.

A spokesperson for the U.S. Africa Command stated to ABC News: “U.S. Africa Command acknowledges there was an attack at Manda Bay Airfield, Kenya and is monitoring the situation.” Added: “As facts and details emerge, we will provide an update.”

Officially, there is no information about any potential losses at the Kenyan military base that had been there for years housing U.S, military personnel.

In a tweet, Kenya Defence Forces confirmed the terror attack attempt that happened at 5:30 in the morning that had been repelled and stopped.

Al-Shabab stated earlier: “ a daring dawn raid on a U.S. naval base known as ‘Camp Simba’ in Lamu County, Kenya.”

There also is a claim – that could not be verified – from Al-Qaeda affiliate that they had taken control of a portion of the base.

Al-Shabab executed a car bomb attack in the middle of Mogadishu that caused the death of 80 civilians.

However, 500 U.S. troops inside Somalia stationed to assist the country’s military against the terrorists.

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