The IRS Taxation Audit Might Become An Uprising Issue For Stimulus Checks

Stimulus checks

Inflation rates have been soaring high ever since the pandemic, with struggling families and individuals struggling to somehow make the ends meet a selected few states have offered stimulus checks as a form of financial aid. The much-needed relief came right in following after the IRS issued its last rounds of federally funded Economical Impact Payments commonly known as EIP to only qualified American residents. 

States Which Will Be Impacted Under Tax Audit For Federally Issued Stimulus Checks In 2022 Are-

However, regarding those individuals who live within the states which sent out stimulus rebates or inflation relief to its recipients, questions have been floating up on whether or not residents will have to pay any federal taxes for their individual state’s stimulus checks as an income. This question comes in paired with how many states are getting impacted by this relief.

In the aftermath of recommending recipients in the state who have previously received their special tax payments or rebates to wait it out for delaying tax return filings of 2022, the Internal Revenue Service has finally come forward with the clarification on which states will be paying federal taxes for stimulus checks amongst the overall 21 states in issuance. 

The agency has reported that people currently residing in the United States who previously issued payments about “disaster relief and general welfare” will not get acquired to be reported on tax returns in 2022. States which will be affected by the “disaster relief and general welfare” payments classification are Colorado, California, Connecticut, Florida, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Idaho, Indiana, New Jersey, Maine, New Mexico, Oregon, New York, Rhode Island, and Pennsylvania. 

In the meantime, residents of Georgia, Alaska, Massachusetts, Virginia, and South Carolina will need to get prepared with a certain conscious beforehand to avoid any potential audit on their forthcoming taxes.

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