Everything About The Hearing Of Ketanji Brown Jackson

ketanji brown jackson
ketanji brown jackson

Ketanji Brown Jackson, the Judge, recently spent three whole days with the Senate Judiciary Committee where two days were marked with a series of questions. In the questioning round, while describing herself, she took a calm yet forceful voice to answer all the claims of GOP as per her record. 

Ketanji Brown Jackson, The Historical Nomination!

The dual pictures that both the Republicans and Democrats wanted to portray were erased in the testimony day by the external witnesses. Democrat members are very eager to confirm Ketanji Brown Jackson and revealed that few members of the Republicans were implementing aggressive ways in the Committee. 

Ketanji Brown Jackson might win some votes of Republicans, however, the senators of the GOP described her as an activist jurist based on some of the judgments she gave in her hearings. It is said that even if Ketanji Brown Jackson is confirmed, the conservative take on the Supreme Court won’t change as some members of the Republicans are criticizing precedents set by the Supreme Court regarding same-gender marriage, rights of abortion, and other important rulings.

The revolutionary nomination of Jackson was highlighted throughout the entire procedure because of her records. In the views of Wade Henderson, the entire fraternity has been waiting for a long period for the final day and the presence of Ketanji Brown Jackson in the court will change everything and will matter extremely. 

In the words of Brown Jackson, she is standing on this generation’s shoulders and is glad that she got such a huge opportunity also she considered herself to be born in such a generation where people enjoyed Civil Rights Movement. That movement gave her a lot and changed numerous laws of the country which enabled a black person like her to come forward. As per Sen. Patrick Leahy, Ketanji Brown Jackson will be soon confirmed and she deserves to be the star of the Supreme Court.