Is Joe Biden Losing His Popularity Among The People?

Domestic Agenda
Domestic Agenda

Joe Biden and his management towards economic, legislative, and health challenges put the White House under pressure, this labor day as it started to wear down his political popularity.

The worsening situation due to the virus and the delta variant upon kids, the adverse situation of Afghanistan, concern over the growth of jobs, and the list goes on for the administration to care for. Also, complications in passing the infrastructure program and the outlaw abortion by Texas, by Joe Biden, are extra add ons to the crisis list.

The Questions That Are Sinking Joe Biden

The President’s popularity has started to sink on the questions of Afghanistan and covid-19 booster issues. According to the polls, the approval ratings of Joe Biden have fallen to 43%, which is not only the lowest so far but down six points from July. 

Every President faces a fluctuation of ratings, but  Joe Biden seems to have a tough time keeping it stable in recent times. 

The latest issue in between the growing covid cases and death rates is the concern for the timing for booster shots. The White House announced from the beginning of September, booster doses will be available, but health officials claimed more time as more research is yet to be done. Chief of Staff, Ron Klain, said that they are still targeting September 20 for some doses even though the FDA approval and CDC recommendation is the top priority.

In this moment of crisis, Labor day was announced as a date of expiration for external federal unemployment benefits to help Americans who lost work during the Pandemic. But the data exposed the slow recovery of the economy. The President, however, said the economy is thriving, pointing towards the 5.2% downrate of unemployment.

The Pandemic is not the only challenge that the administration is facing. The evacuation of Americans and Afghans is also a matter of concern. A senior state department official stated that the majority of Afghans who worked under the Us since 2001 had not been evacuated even though the officials said before that they kept the communication with their sources and contacts in Afghanistan to get every SIVs out.

Also, the day Biden made his speech to end the war, domestic battles raged as Texas’ six-week abortion ban went into effect. The administration is still trying to find ways to respond to the law, but the process is still lacking. The sooner the legislature finds ways to deal with the problems, the more it will be easier for the White House to prove its efficiency.

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