Stimulus Check 2022: Is Your State Giving Out Checks?

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, three sets of stimulus checks have been issued. As people continue to suffer because of inflation, several states are unwilling to satiate the need for more stimulus checks but there are few who have risen to the occasion 

States Giving Out Stimulus Checks


Eligible residents will be given a stimulus check worth $1050


Qualifying residents will receive a Stimulus check worth 750 dollars individually between 30 September 2022 and 31 January 2023.


Eligible residents will get a payment of $300 which will be one-time.


Caregivers, people assisted by the state, and foster parents will get a one-time grant of $450 


Qualifying taxpayers will receive $250 (individual), the household head will receive $375, joint filers and married people will receive $500


Eligible residents will receive between $100 – $300 depending on their filing status, income, etc


Qualifying people in Idaho will see a rebate of 12% or $75 (whichever is higher) of the state taxes for the year 2020.


Eligible residents will save sales tax (ST) on groceries till June 30, 2023. From August 5-14, ST will be reduced to 1.25 percent. Also, a rebate of $50 – $100 on income tax will be granted.


Qualifying residents will get a taxpayer refund worth $125


Eligible individuals will receive 850 dollars whereas joint filers will get 1,700 dollars.


Currently undecided but the Governor has proposed a 7 percent rebate against the income taxes of the state in 2021

New Jersey

Qualifying residents will get up to $500

New Mexico

Eligible taxpayers will enjoy a rebate of up to $500


Residents qualifying for the state’s assistance received their one-time checks for $600.

South Carolina

Qualifying residents will receive rebates worth $800


Eligible residents will enjoy tax rebates up to $500 this fall.

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