Youngkin Campaign Violations

Youngkin Campaign
Youngkin Campaign

A complaint was filed by the Democratic Party from the state of Virginia with regard to the Youngkin campaign. Glenn Youngkin is one of the gubernatorial candidates belonging to the Republican Party. It was stated that a total of 13 of the said campaign advertisements failed to meet the requirements of the disclaimer. This incident took place on the 15th of October that fell on a Friday.

On Youngkin Campaign’s Flaws

It was alleged by the Republican Party that the Youngkin campaign violated the laws of the state of Virginia. They claimed that there was no presence of a full-screen, unobscured picture, either in actual screen in the form of photography that was seen on camera. In the complaint, it was written that the said advertisements that were termed to be “non-compliant,” were run over numerous times.

It was also written that so many of the voters throughout the state were witnesses to that. The Republican politicians recommended that the board of elections take action on the Youngkin campaign. They argued that the said board should start a hearing and charge the gubernatorial candidate a total of 130,000 USD as a fine for breaking the law. 

A similar situation had taken place in the year 2018. It was concerning the campaign of Ed Gillespie, one of the gubernatorial candidates belonging to the Republican Party. He was fined 2000 USD after he was found guilty of violating similar laws like that in the case of the Youngkin campaign.

Another complaint was filed against Ralph Northam, the governor later. The campaign started not all the 13 ads are in rotation. But just the two of those. In addition to that, it also stated that the photos that were used were done on the basis of selective screenshots.  

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