Governor urges 65+ to self-quarantine: ‘Protect yourselves’

Ralph Northam
Ralph Northam

RICHMOND, Va. – Virginia Governor Ralph Northam is encouraging people aged more than 65 to self-quarantine for the COVID-19 scene.

“Please protect yourselves,” said Northam at a Tuesday morning press conference. “It is important that we make sure older Virginians in this situation can still get food, medicine, and other needs met.”

Northam said state workplaces, sustenance banks, strict affiliations, and sustenance affiliations are endeavoring to organize sustenance organizations.

“Everyone who needs food assistance will get it,” Northam stated.

The congressperson detailed the Commonwealth directly has 67 coronavirus cases, up from 51 cases on Monday. Nine of those cases are in Central Virginia, which is a development from five cases on Monday.

Following the proposals of the Trump association, Northam said Virginians ought to control social gatherings to 10 people to restrict the spread of COVID-19, the disorder achieved by the disease.

He similarly energized bistros, rec focuses, theaters, and different associations to realize a 10-person limit.

“All of us have a personal obligation at this moment. We all have work in being a bit of the course of action,” said Northam.

For example, Northam urged Virginians not to go to St.Patrick’s Day parties.

“If you do, you are really placing others at serious risk,” he said.

“Our strategy must focus on reducing and ruining the spread on this disease so our clinical system has a greater chance to anticipate the extended weight that this will put on it,” Northam clarified.

State Health Commissioner Dr. Norm Oliver says they foresee results for 48 tests in the state lab and there are also private lab tests they are envisioning on as well.

Oliver says Virginia is in the second time of states that will get pass through test districts from the national government.

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