Joe Manchin’s Sharp Reply

Joe Manchin
Joe Manchin

Joe Manchin is constantly being called out by Bernie Sanders, the United States senator. It is with regard to the subject of the agenda of Joe Biden, the President of the country. He stated that Manchin must show support to the agenda of the Democratic President for several weeks. On the 15th of October that fell on a Friday, the Democratic senator stated that he is done with everything.

Joe Manchin’s Claims

The response of Joe Manchin was published in one of the hometown papers of the Democratic senator. This incident took place on Friday itself. It read that this was not the first incident where an outsider had provided unsolicited advice to the people belonging to the region of West Virginia. And the advice was given especially by those people who have no relationship with the state.

And just after this got published, another statement was released by Joe Manchin. He stated that the US Congress should move forward with a lot of awareness when it came to the subject of spending. And then he directly claimed that he has no such plans of supporting the said program. The senator also went on to call it a “reckless program.”

It is to be noted that though senator Bernie Sanders is an independent politician but he still is inclined towards the Democratic Party. He has taken up a campaign in order to pass the bill of the Democratic party. And the total amount of the said bill is 3.5 trillion USD. and senator Joe Manchin has at times given a response, however, the kind of response he gave on Friday was unprecedented. Sanders stated the manner in which the Medicare expansion that was proposed by him and the reforms in the field of drug pricing would have a positive effect on West Virginia.