BJ Novak Explains Endorsement Plans

BJ Novak
BJ Novak

BJ Novak is a renowned actor in America. He also has a good sense of humor and takes interest in comedies. Novak was born on 31st July 1979. He shot to fame by looking after the overall production of “The Office”. This series was a high hit and was aired on NBC. 

BJ Novak has a number of films to boast from. Inglorious Bastards, Saving Mr.Banks & The Founder. The actor had been busy lately shooting for international brands. Novak has been featured in a lot of products recently. When asked, he gave a hilarious reply. Let’s learn about what he had to say below. 

BJ Novak Clarifies Advertisement Spikes

The popular American star seems to be making millions from advertisements. Novak can be spotted in a number of advertisements recently. Novak’s face is a common sight in most International brands these days. When asked about the endorsement details, the star gave a hilarious reply. 

He stated that he was not aware of the brands using him as a model. Novak stated that a picture of himself was mistakenly uploaded on social media by someone. This started the trend of his face being used for almost every product. Novak’s face now advertises a rain poncho, hair clippers, electric face shaver, etc. 

Media asked BJ Novak to sue the companies legally. However, the actor stated that he felt too much fun to sue them.  The actor declared the news via an Instagram post recently. Simu Liu also experienced similar situations like that of BJ Novak. He discovered that a stock company is using one of his old pictures as branding. Liu clicked those pictures at a photoshoot in the year 2014. Liu plays Shang-Chi in the recently released Marvel production.