Ivanka Trump In Talks To Cooperate With January 6 Panel

ivanka trump
ivanka trump

Ivanka Trump, former President Donald J. Trump‘s eldest daughter, is in talks with the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 incident.

It was unclear if the early talks would end in Ivanka Trump supplying meaningful material to the investigation or if they were merely a stalling tactic, as some committee aides suspect. However, it was the latest instance of the panel attempting to gain access to the former president’s closest circle to discover what he was doing and saying as protestors stormed the Capitol in his honor.

Ivanka Trump Tried To Dissuade Her Father From Going Ahead With The Attack

Ivanka Trump was one of the numerous advisers who attempted and failed to persuade Mr. Trump to end the violence, which injured more than 150 police officers and forced legislators and Vice President Mike Pence to escape for their safety.

According to a source familiar with the conversations, Ivanka Trump’s attorneys have been in talks with the panel since January, when the panel issued her a letter asking that she offer voluntary evidence.

She has yet to agree on a date to meet with the committee’s prosecutors, and the committee has made no threat of issuing a subpoena, according to sources familiar with the negotiations.

Those close to Ivanka Trump said she had no intention of following in the footsteps of her father’s supporter Stephen K. Bannon, who refused to comply with the committee and was later charged with contempt of Congress.

People acquainted with Ivanka Trump’s views said she would be unlikely to take any action that Mr. Trump did not know about and approve of.

She worked hard to build her political image, concentrating on issues affecting women in the workplace and portraying herself as a more refined Trump, without the harsh tweets and unstable conduct.

Mr. Trump likes to speculate that his daughter would run for President one day. She is still in demand for Republican candidates in the midterms, but she has avoided the campaign circuit and the endorsement business. Instead, she has been enjoying a solitary life in Miami, a few hours away from her father’s house at Mar-a-Lago, where she remains a tabloid obsession.

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