Anthony Hopkins Reflects On His Time In ‘Thor’

Anthony Hopkins

It seems like Anthony Hopkins did not enjoy his role in ‘Thor’ too much. The 85-year-old veteran actor, who also has an Oscar to his name, recently talked about the period he spent playing Asgard’s King Odin in the MCU franchise ‘Thor’. He called it “pointless acting” since the majority of his scenes were filmed with the green screen as the backdrop, to prepare the stage for CGI.

Anthony Hopkins Has Featured Quite A Few Times In The Franchise

Anthony Hopkins has starred in the first three movies of the Thor franchise beginning with the original 2011 movie, till his last appearance in 2017’s Thor: Ragnarok. Recently, he was talking to a media outlet about his experience during the filming of those movies as part of a larger discussion regarding the MCU’s (Marvel Cinematic Universe) impact on Hollywood.

Hopkins remembers that he was put inside an armor, and was suddenly wearing a beard. Then, as Anthony Hopkins remembers, he would be sitting on a throne, and shouting a bit. However, for the veteran actor, sitting with the green screen as the backdrop is pointless when it comes to acting.

These comments come after Christian Bale made similar ones in the previous year. Bale had featured in the latest 2022 film from the franchise, Thor: Love and Thunder. Bale, who played the role of Gorr, said that acting like that was extremely monotonous. He had added that he did not even attempt to carry out his techniques of Method acting as that would have made it seem pitiful.

49-year-old Bale had been speaking with a different media outlet during last year’s fall, where he had said that it was his first experience acting like that. He explained that there was hardly anything to differentiate between two days of acting.