Bennie Thompson Says Former Attorney General Questioned: January 6 Committee Mover Closer To Donald Trump’s Inner Circle

bennie thompson
bennie thompson

Bennie Thompson, the chairman of the congressional committee, investigating the January 6 attack on Capitol, and also the attempt made by Trump to upend the election, has revealed that the former William Barr, the former AG was among those subjected to questioning.

The revelation by Bennie Thompson is further signal that the January 6 Committee is tightening its noose around Trump’s inner circle. Speaking on Face The Nation on CBS, Bennie Thompson said that Barr was blamed for transforming the justice department into a tool of the disgraced former president.

Bennie Thompson Said Barr Questioned About The Extent To Which Military Involved In The Election Process

Barr left office before Trump’s resignation. He spoke several times to the January 6 Committee. Thompson was asked whether the congressional panel was planning to question the former Attorney General over the executive order draft seeking the intervention of the military in seizing voting machines from selected states.

Bennie Thompson said that individuals in the defense department have been questioned. He said it was a matter of concern that the military was involved in promoting the lie of rigged elections. He said the public has to know the extent of the involvement.

William Barr had infuriated Donald Trump when he insisted that there had been no evidence of a rigged election. News of his cooperation with the January 6 Committee is another setback for Trump. His legal and political woes have increased significantly these past few days.

What is particularly worrying Trump is that William Barr has cooperated with the Committee, unlike other former staff members of the White House under Trump. They include Mark Meadows, the chief of staff, Steve Bannon, Trump’s political strategist, and Michael Flynn, the national security adviser.

The committee has also summoned Ivanka, Trump’s daughter, this week. Ivanka was a senior Presidential adviser. The Committee has also summoned phone records of Eric Trump, the former President’s son, and Donald Trump Jr.’s partner, Kimberley Guilfoyle.

Trump has said that the move by the Committee was vicious.

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