Ja Rule Faces Off Against Fat Joe

Ja Rule
Ja Rule

Ja Rule and Fat Joe upped the temperatures at Hulu Theatre. Both the stars faced off against each other in Madison Square Garden for a spectacular performance. The show was a mouthwatering affair for the fans. You do not get to witness two greats battling it out against each other.

Ja Rule and Fat Joe are both eminent rappers from the United States of America. Both of them possess a unique style that adds flair to their compositions. The duo went on to sing their compositions from the Verzuz one after the other. This made the fans go crazy and loud cheering followed. Let us take a detailed look at the event below.

Ja Rule Fights It Out With Fat Joe

Verzuz is an online platform that was created amidst the shutdown period. It focuses on Dj and rap battles. The web series is produced by Swizz Beatz & Timbaland. Veteran stars Ja Rule & Joe appeared for the latest edition of the show. Both of them sand twenty rounds of their famous songs giving the crowd a run for their money. 

The battle was followed by a lot of leg-pulling from the duo. Joe at one point teasingly asked Rule about his relevance in the last ten years. Rule, in return, positioned him in a way that appeared to overshadow Joe. 

Ja Rule was teased by Joe for singing too much. He replied wittily that he was a visionary. Rule said that he had evolved into a singing rapper. Joe was not a person that would sit still. He instantly referenced the infamous “Bologna Sandwich” from the Fyre Festival. Ja Rule had a disastrous run at the Fyre Festival earlier. The show had many other famous personalities present. Khaled & Diddy were among some of them.