Bam Margera Woke With Handcuffs

Bam Margera

Bam Margera cannot handle alcohol. He was charged with public intoxication. Which went out of his and the cops were called. He had violent outbursts before and was even arrested. He abused an unknown woman in a public place. This time the argument got heated and the cops were called. He was spotted arguing with a woman when he was intoxicated. It was hard to tell who was that woman.

Bam Margera Lost His Senses In Front Of His Child

Margera separated from his wife last year. After Nikki Boyd filed for divorce. They have a five-year-old son. The incident took place outside a restaurant when Bam Margera drank uncontrollably. He was verbally abusive towards the woman he was talking to. It was hard for the witnesses to tell who was. All three were at the Thai restaurant having dinner. When the feud broke Margera was dead drunk and lost his senses.

A witness said he was verbally abusive in front of the child even. The five years old was scared for his life. If anything happens his father might do something to her. Bam Margera grabbed his child in a terrific way that scared him. However, lot of swearing and abuse he didn’t hit anyone. Bam Margera has a reputation for abusing women.

Last month an arrest warrant was issued against Bam Margera because he hit a woman. It was his girlfriend who filed against him. Not Nikki Boyd. They separated long back. They have officially divorced last month. It was becoming overwhelming for her. The way he was abusing drugs and alcohol. It became a matter of safety for her and her son. To protect themselves from Bam Margera they had to leave.

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