Jack Smith Wants Quick Criminal Probe For Trump Case

Jack Smith
Jack Smith

Jack Smith is a special counsel who is recently appointed and he demanded a quick criminal probe on Donald Trump. This case focuses on Trump’s state of mind post-2020 election along with his plans to hamper the power transfer and associates. Despite Trump’s biking Accident, Jack Smith made a few significant calls including holding the ex-President a charge against the subpoena compliance failure. 

High-Profile Case Under Jack Smith 

Jack Smith has managed to bring several associates of Trump in court including 3 close aides, Stephen Miller, the ex-speechwriter, and 2 ex-lawyers of the White House. Smith also ordered many subpoenas in the election states that intended to turn around Trump’s 2020 loss. 

Compared to Robert Mueller’s staff, Smith created double the team of lawyers for the Russian probe. 20 prosecutors are investigating the 6th January as well as the plan to reverse the 2020 election. Moreover, Smith intends on taking investigators of national security who are already processing probes on federal records mishandling under Mar-a-Lago. 

Twin Trouble For Trump 

These two high-profile investigations are being led by jack Smith who demanded strong evidence and a faster probe process. It is being said that Mueller had no evidence to start with but Smith has strong evidence and taking proactive measures in his investigation. 

Elie Honig, an ex-prosecutor of the federal government and a senior legal analyst of CNN, has implied that Smith’s investigation is more effective than Mueller’s and might have witnessed quicker results. Trump has found Smith’s approach aggressive. Honig said Smith might reach decisions quicker, forcing Merrick Garland, Attorney, to take a concrete decision. 

Several people believe that Smith may function as a US Attorney since he is successful in making fast and transparent decisions as compared to Mueller who had made weak and delayed decisions.

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