Merrick Garland Claims To Be An Unbiased Attorney General, If Confirmed

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The Attorney General nominee of the United States of America, Merrick Garland, gave an assurance to the legislative body of the country. He claimed that in case he gets appointed to the post, he will carry out his responsibilities in an unbiased manner. All of his decisions will be independent of any party’s influence. It is a well-known fact that he is one of the nominees of the highest-profile of Joe Biden.

If Merrick Garland becomes the Attorney General, then he will have a huge department under his responsibility. It is a “wide-reaching” department that is possessed with huge powers and responsibilities. They include a say in cases like the broken system of immigration of the country, and most importantly, the prosecution of those who carried out the 6th January Capitol riot.

Challenges For Merrick Garland

Merrick Garland, if chosen, will be put into the political limelight. This will decide if the Americans should have faith in their new Attorney General or not. This owes to the fact that he will have a lot of politically influenced cases to take charge of. And the judgment that he delivers will be the ultimate decision-maker.

The cases include some very important people like Hunter, the son of President Joe Biden, and Donald Trump, the former president of the United States of America. From the dealings of financial nature including Hunter and the Russian probe including Trump, Merrick Garland has a lot to conquer.

He addressed questions with regard to the post on his first hearing day. The ones on the other end were the Judiciary Committee of the senate. Everything from becoming the attorney general to the perils of facing politically induced criticisms was addressed by Merrick Garland.

He spoke very comforting words as a reply to Ted Cruz, the Texas senator. He claimed that he would be the people’s lawyer and not that of the President.

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