Gold Winner Jade Carey Says Simone Biles Told Her To Kill The Floor

Jade Carey
Jade Carey

Jade Carey, the gymnast from team USA did not disappoint at the Olympics in Tokyo on Monday when she went out to the floor and “killed it” out there. According to the athlete, the words of Simone Biles, her teammate resounded in her ears as she went out to perform.

Jade Carey held the eighth position in the finals of the vault competition on Sunday. In the first of the two vaults, a mistake was made by her. However, the gymnast regained her form soon enough to win the gold in the floor exercise for women. Jade Carey scored a massive 14.366 in the finals of the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

Vanessa Ferrari from Italy claimed the silver medal, which is also her first medal in the Olympics. The bronze medal was jointly held between Angelina Melnikova from Russia and Mai Murakami from Japan.

Jade Carey’s Response On Winning The Gold

Jade Carey was glad and proud of herself for being able to overcome her performance in the vault finals and performing at the highest level in the floor routine. Reflecting back on the difference between her performances in the vault and the floor, she said that it was just motivation and dedication that led her to the win.

According to Jade Carey, all the teammates from USA gymnastics were supportive after her performance in the vault final. However, she took the special mention of Simone Biles who motivated Carey to let go of the failure and move on to the next event and give it her best. 

Brian Carey, the father of Jade Carey is also her coach, and having him by her side during the competitions sincerely helped her make it through. According to the athlete, this was everything they had ever dreamt of and it was great to win and get the medal with her father and coach by her side. Carey also mentioned that her father and Biles, both asked her to let go of the consequences from the vault and put her all into the floor event.