Jake Ellzey Emerges Victorious In Runoff Elections

Jake Ellzey
Jake Ellzey

Jake Ellzey, State Representative for Texas has managed to secure a win in the special runoff election in the 6th district of Texas. Late Congressman, who passed away in February, Ron Wright, would be succeeded by Jake Ellzey. Ron had passed away due to COVID-19 complications.

In the elections of 2018, Ron Wright had managed to defeat Jake Ellzey by a narrow margin for the very same seat. However, this time he was supported by Dan Crenshaw, a Congressman from Texas, along with Rick Perry, the former Governor of Texas. Wright’s widow, Susan Wright, was won over by Jake Ellzey. Susan was also endorsed by Donald Trump, the former President of the United States of America.

Jake Ellzey Gets Endorsement And Faith Instilled

Jake Ellzey along with Susan Wright were two of the top vote-getters to advance into runoff from the elections in late April. All Democratic candidates were locked out and defeated in the primary elections.

Greg Abbott, the Republican Governor of Texas, stated that Jake Ellzey is an effective and strong leader. Moreover, Jake is supposedly a good fit for North Texas and its people. Jake is believed to fight tirelessly for the value of the Texans in Washington. Abbott expressed the desire to work alongside Ellzey and make contributions to retain the position of Texas as one of the nation’s greatest states.

Ellzey’s win makes it the first case where a candidate endorsed by Trump has resulted in a loss of an election, ever since Trump was discharged from the office as President. Moreover, the loss is of a candidate who was aggressive in playing up their roles and kissing up to Donald Trump when the race gained pace and pressure.

Ellzey on the other hand emerged as the highest fundraiser all across the runoffs as well as the primary. The donations from the fundraiser help in keeping a district in the Republican hands.

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