James Franco’s Law Suit Price Settlement Is 2.2 Million

James Franco
James Franco

James Franco, the Hollywood actor, and one of his defendants have agreed on a particular amount of money to be paid in order to do away with the lawsuit that holds him to be guilty. According to the lawsuit, it was claimed that the actor exploited the student from his film and acting school into performing some sexual acts. The victims claimed that they were put in situations that were immorally sexual. The court filings concerning the “Pineapple Express” actor were made public this Wednesday that disclosed the details of his case. It also revealed that he gave his consent to paying 2.2 million USD to settle the alleged lawsuit.

James Franco’s Actions 

Both the victim as well as the accused took a lot of time to settle the case. Initially, they both agreed on a deal to settle the dispute. This incident took place in the month of February. However, several months went by to work on the details of the case. The amount that was to be paid by James Franco too was not disclosed initially. The ones who filed against him include his ex-students, Toni Gaal and Sarah Tither Kaplan. They took the decision to go against the actor in October of the year 2019. Gradually they were joined by so many others who carried the same opinion about the actor. 

As per the claims, James Franco manipulated his students to perform numerous sexual scenes that were similar to orgies. This took place in his film school, Studio 4, which no longer exists now. The victims stated that what they were told to do was extremely different from the settings that are shown in Hollywood films. They were too unacceptable. The defendants of the 43-year-old James Franco include Jay Davis and Vince Jolivette, his partners including Rabbit Bandini, his production company.