Bill Cosby Released By The Supreme Court Judges Of Pennsylvania

Bill Cosby
Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby, the American comedian, got his release from prison this Wednesday. The lawsuit of the actor was overturned by the Hughes court of the state of Pennsylvania. The actor was charged on grounds of sexual assault. The statement given by the court said that the “due process rights” of the disgraced actor were violated.

Bill Cosby’s Case

The decision is given by the court concerning the actor who was famous for being “America’s Dad” is extremely shocking. He was charged in the era that witnessed a lot of cases arising out of the “#MeToo” movement. And the case of Bill Cosby was one of the first cases that involved a high-profile celebrity. The concerned panel stated their opinion and the reason that led them to give the concerned decision.

The judges involved were from the Supreme court of Pennsylvania. They claimed that the decision given by the former district attorney of Montgomery in the case of Bill Cosby was used against him ultimately when his trial took place. The judges indicated the decision that did not lead to his prosecution in the year 2005.  

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court judges clearly stated that the district attorney violated the due process rights of the accused actor. The hearing stated that the actor was to spend 3 to 10 years in the state prison.  This sentence was given in the year 2018. He was held responsible on grounds of sexually assaulting a woman named Andrea Constand. Bill Cosby did it after drugging her.

The incident took place in the year 2004 at his apartment. The 83-year-old actor made his public appearance as he stood outside his home that is situated in the state of Pennsylvania this Wednesday. He was seen in a shirt that was white in color. He only stood out for a brief period. “The Cosby Show” host refrained from giving any statement to the reporters.