Stimulus Check: Second Round Of $500 To Low-Income Workers

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Some citizens of Massachusetts will begin receiving stimulus check payments today. These premium paychecks for essential Commonwealth employees are a part of the COVID-19 Premium Program.

More than 300,000 people meet the requirements for another round of $500 checks from the state this year.

The Baker administration is paying tribute to those employees who continued to show up for work every day despite the epidemic by utilizing funds from the federal American Rescue Plan.

Professor of Economics at AIC John Rogers said, “It’s a way to support these folks with a rather tiny amount of money, but it’s something to honor their service.”

Stimulus Checks According To The Baker Administration

The Baker administration’s second stimulus check payout will go to working Massachusetts residents who submitted their 2021 tax returns. Payments for the month of March were determined using a tax return for the year 2020.

A single filer’s annual income also had to be under $39,000. In the case of a family of four, that figure rises to $79,500.

The Baker Administration has said that the first wave of recipients are ineligible for the second round of payments.

Rogers said in an interview with Western Mass News that every dollar would benefit those locals right now.

Rogers said that although it could assist with gas and other little bills that have been piling up, the inflation rate makes it plain that it won’t last very long.

According to Rogers, it’s tough out there even if you have a job. He has little faith that Congress would approve yet another round of stimulus check funding given the current abundance of available jobs and low unemployment rate.

Disheartening because “even if you have a job, your pay may go up by four or five percent, which sounds amazing, but inflation is at eight and a half percent and you’re not really making any progress,” as Rogers put it.

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