Jenna Ortega Not In Scream 7: Cites Wednesday 2 Shooting Schedule Conflict

Jenna Ortega

Actress Jenna Ortega has opted out of the Scream 7  film citing scheduling other scheduling conflicts. She said that she had to drop out of the horror franchise as her Wednesday 2 schedule clashed with the dates.

Her shooting schedule with Netflix was said to be in the works months ahead of the SAG-AFTRA strike. Production dates of the coming season of Wednesday are yet to be confirmed. Jenna Ortega will also need to complete filming on Beetlejuice 2 directed by Tim Burton.

The developments surrounding Jenna Ortega’s exit from Scream 7 come immediately after Melissa Barrera, Ortega’s costar in the Scream 7 franchise, was fired. The exit of the Mexican actress is being linked to posts she made on the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas, and also on the Gaza conflict.

Jenna Ortega Exit Not Linked To Mellisa’s Dismissal: Spyglass Media

The news of Jenna Ortega’s exit soon after the dismissal of Barrera for what is being termed antisemitic statements on social media. Variety has also sent confirmation that news of Jenna Ortega’s exit from Scream 7 was in no way linked to Mellisa Barrera being dropped from the franchise’s cast of Scream 7. The franchise holder, Spyglass Media, has said that Melissa had to be dropped saying the decision was taken for Melissa showing undue interest and showing support to the cause of one warring member.

Spyglass Media has stated that its stand on antisemitism is unequivocally transparent. They said they have a policy of zero tolerance towards incitement of hatred towards any group. It also said that it does not tolerate ethnic cleansing, false genocide references, distortion of the Holocaust, or sharing anything that can be construed as hate speech.

Jenna Ortega’s co-actor Mellisa has not yet commented on the issue. The two were sisters in the Scream in 2022 and also in Scream VI this year. Jenna Ortega played Tara Carpenter while Mellisa played Sam Carpenter.