Jamie Lynn Spears Comes Back To Her Roots As The New ‘Zoey 101’ Films Returns Back With The Original Cast

Jamie Lynn Spears

Jamie Lynn Spears was seen reuniting with her fellow co-stars Sean Flynn, Jack Salvatore, Christopher Massey, Mathew Underwood, Abby Wilde, and Erin Sanders in the new upcoming movie. 

PEOPLE magazine has exclusively confirmed the almost 32-hitting actress’s comeback as Zoey Brooks for the upcoming reprise of ‘Zoey 102’. Fans are eagerly awaiting the film which is presumed to debut this year’s end.

Fans Are Eager To See Jamie Lynn Spears On Screen Again As Zoey Brooks 

The movie will be set in the Pacific Coast Academy as the original alumni from the hit show Zoey 101 on Nickelodeon will reunite at a wedding event at present.

Alongside Jamie Lynn Spears, co-stars Sean Flynn (Chase Mathews), Christopher Massey(Michael Barret), Mathew Underwood(Logan Reese), Abby Wilde (Stacey Dillsen), Erin Sanders (Quinn Pensky) and Jack Salvatore (Mark Del Figgalo) are as well starring in the new paramount movie which is right now in production at the state of North Carolina.

Spears shares her excitement to be able to continue the fan beloved show with her PCA family. The actress also seems thrilled to work alongside as a directing producer and thanks the incredible crew for the given opportunity and support.

The Famous Nickelodeon series had its run from 2005-2008, which was based upon Zoey Brooks and her adventures with friends at Pacific Coast Academy of Malibu, California. The show later came to a halt that year when Spears welcomed her firstborn Maddie Briann followed by another baby Ivey Joan 10 years later.

Jamie Lynn Spears’ life with both daughters didn’t hold her back as she moved on to work on several projects after that. Including, Netflix’s hits ‘Sweet Magnolia’ and ‘All that’ also the most recent Fox show ‘Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test’.  

Spears teased her fans about a possible reuniting of her Nickelodeon cast on Twitter last Oct 2020, as she wrote on Instagram “Are you Ready?’’ in  Zoey’s voice.