Richard Drew Reminisces 9/11 Tragedy

Richard Drew
Richard Drew

Richard Drew is a professional photographer. He has worked with the camera professionally for almost ten years. Drew was among the few photographers that managed to click a picture of the dreaded incident. The 9/11 incident is one of the most shocking tragedies that took place in the modern era. The American World Trade Centre was demolished by suicide attackers. Masterminded by Al Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden, nineteen terrorists hijacked four aircraft. They used two of the aircraft to launch attacks in the twin towers of the World Trade Center. The other two planes caused heavy damage to the Pentagon(Washington D.C) & Shanksville(Pennsylvania). Thousands of people lost their lives in the tragedy. Richard Drew captured one of the most famous pictures from the incident. “The falling man” depicts a man falling out of the building. The picture went viral and made the headlines for a long time. 

Richard Drew & His Exceptional Achievements

Drew stated that his long career as a camera professional has made him learn one thing. You should arrive for your assignments early but never late. According to him, photography is all about living in the moment. You have to capture the live moment and not let it go. Once an incident has happened, you cannot undo that. 

Richard Drew was behind the lens of the famous “The Falling Man”. Drew stated that he did not capture the image on purpose. He just wanted to carry on with his job amidst the tragedy. He recollected photographing multiple persons that day. Richard shared tragic accounts of people desperately trying to look for their loved ones. 

Richard Drew stated that he did not realize the famous photograph until he checked it on his laptop. The picture that made so much hype depicted a man falling out of the building. What made this picture stand out was the man was captured in vertical position mid-air.