Jan 6 Committee To Shift Focus On Trump And His Team’s Ties To Extremist Elements

Jan 6

The Jan 6 Select Committee formed to look into the riots at the Capitol following the presidential elections has shared some incriminating evidence. There is an indication that Trump’s tweet in December urging supporters t descend on Washington on Jan 6 led to increased attention and activity on that fateful day.

Select Committee member Jamie Raskin shared a request from a pro-Trump women’s group, Women for America First where it has exhorted its supporters to change its Washington Rally permit to that fateful day after Trump tweeted about it.

Exchanges Between Trump And Followers Leading to Jan 6 Riots Were Alarming

Twitter sources have revealed that there was an increase in violent exchanges and rhetoric after Trump sent his invitational tweet. One of the supporters spoke about a red wedding happening on the day. It is a reference to a Game of Thrones wedding where most of the attendees are killed.

The Jan 6 hearing also had a detailed discussion of an alarming and tense meeting on 18 December at the White House. Trump continued his allegation of conspiracy that led to his ouster in the elections.

Several campaigners close to Trump including Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell, his lawyers at the campaign, and NSA Michael Flynn urged Trump to seize the voting machines in the battleground states.

This move invited sharp criticism from senior officials in the administration. Eric Herschmann, Trump’s adviser, called the suggestion “nuts.”

He was shouted down and accused of not having the courage to overturn the elections. The atmosphere was described as wild and crazy by Cassidy Hutchinson, Mark Meadow’s aide, who described the situation as unhinged.

Trump also tweeted his supporter to be at the Capitol on Jan 6 and be wild. The Jan 6 Committee shared evidence that indicated that the former President’s tweet on December 19 urging his followers to be there further increased interest on that particular date.