Democrats Indicate Opposing Biden On Anti-Abortion Candidate: Judicial Nomination Of Chad Meredith To Be Blocked


President Biden’s deal to back McConnell in nominating an anti-abortion Kentucky judge could fall through as Democrats in the Senate have clearly indicated that they would block the move. The deal was reportedly struck a day after Roe v. Wade was thrown out by the Republican-controlled Supreme Court.

Biden had indicated plans to nominate as a judge in Kentucky in what is being seen as an arrangement to guide his other nominations through the Senate. The deal has reportedly fallen through as Biden is under pressure to defend women’s rights.  The Supreme Court struck down any federal cover for the procedure.

Democrats have panned the President’s judicial pick as indefensible, but experts confirm that the deal is politically sensible. Democrats in Kentucky have expressed deep disappointment with the position taken by the President to have Meredith on the federal bench.

 Meredith is a deeply conservative lawyer and a former solicitor general in Kentucky. Judge Karen Caldwell has appeared on a list of judges who would be taking senior status soon. This would have created an opening to be filled by Meredith.

Democrats Under Governor Of Ohia Has Opposed The Move 

Representative Yarmuth has indicated his strong opposition to the idea. He said that he had no idea who Meredith would be replacing. Governor Andy Beshear was more scathing in his criticism of the president. He called the decision by President Biden to make the nomination his attempt to defend the indefensible.

The governor dismissed Meredith as an individual who aided and advised on the most egregious power abuse that he has witnessed when in power. Meredith stands accused of facilitating questionable pardons during the administration of Republican Gov. Matt Bevin. Gov. Beshear said that he should be disqualified from being in a role where he had the power to sentence.

Gov. Beshear received the news only a week ago and said that he was unaware when his name would be formally submitted for nomination to the bench.