Jan 6 Panel Has Issued Subpoenas To Those Who Were Accomplices At Trump Rallies

jan 6 panel

The Jan 6 Panel, which has been conducting some extensive investigation into the Capitol insurrection has issued subpoenas to 6 people. The panel has chosen these 6 people because they were involved in the planning and organization of rallies strictly aimed at overturning the defeat of Donald Trump in the last presidential election.

Rep. Bennie Thompson, the Chairman of the committee, stated that some of the individuals issued with a subpoena had been working on staging the events, while others had a more direct communication channel with the then President Trump- while they were creating the blueprint for the rallies. 

Jan 6 Panel Is Now Investigating The Days Surrounding The Insurrection

The subpoenas from the Jan 6 panel were issued to Max Miller and Robert Peede Jr., who the committee stated had met with Trump in his dining room on the 4th of January; the subpoenas were also issued to Brian Jack, the political director of the former president at that time, and rally managers Bryan Lewis, Kimberly Fletcher, and Ed Martin.

The subpoenas have been issued forth as the committee has decided to investigate the days surrounding the January 6 insurrection, which could provide some context. 

Legislators on the Jan 6 Panel have stated that they wanted to know who were the major financiers behind the events and if the organizers were in close touch with the Oval Office and other members of Congress while the events were being planned.

At the largest rally on the 6th of January- which took place near the White House, Trump had apparently riled up the crowd and asked them to rebel till their last breaths. He had also stated that he would march with them to the Capitol but ultimately didn’t. 

The Jan 6 Panel has already subpoenaed close to a dozen other organizers of the rally, which includes those who have fully cooperated with the committee.

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