The Curious Case Of Mark Meadows

Mark Meadows
Mark Meadows

Mark Meadows must be having quite an eventful year- after being an aide of Trump and then helping the Jan 6 Panel with documents, he has now slapped them with a lawsuit. There have been rumors that this could be the result of the former White House chief of staff publishing a book that reportedly infuriated the former President.

Some could also say that after having gone back on his statement that Trump had contracted COVID, he was now trying to get into the good books of the impeached President. But, this is nothing new.

Mark Meadows: Another Pawn In The Insurrection 

The case of Mark Meadows simply shows the culture that the capital is perpetrating- someone is either suing someone else, or they are receiving a subpoena of their own. Anyone with a brain would be able to see that this cesspool of disgrace would prevent any elected government from really achieving anything significant- which didn’t involve an infrastructure bill. Nevertheless, one can’t also deny that the Meadows case is fascinating in its own right- who he is double-crossing- no one knows.

It is quite unfortunate that an event as horrifying as the Capitol Insurrection on the 6th of January- one that had the whole world looking at marauders breaking in the sanctity of the government and cops getting beat up- is being spun around by both parties.

First, the Republicans blocked it from being a bipartisan commission, after which the Democrats went on to reject the picks of Kevin McCarthy for the panel- following which he pulled out the rest of his candidates. At the end of it all, Nancy Pelosi had to fill in the spot with two anti-Trump Republicans. In this squander, Mark Meadows was just collateral. 

Currently, Mark Meadows has been arguing that he is being nonconsensually and illegally coerced into violating the Constitution, which would force him to invoke his executive privileges.