January 6 Committee In Possession Of Emails Indication Post-Election Crime Linked To 2020 Presidential Election

January 6 Committee
january 6 committee

The January 6 Committee has in its possession 8 emails sent during the 2020 presidential election and after that is evident that the former president and his team were planning to obstruct the transfer of power and also defraud law enforcement agencies and courts.

The news about the emails falling into the possession of the January 6 Committee was revealed through a fresh court filing by John Eastman, who was a former attorney of Trump.

The January 6 Committee had been trying to obtain the incriminating emails for months before it was cleared by a federal judge allowing them to possess it a few weeks back. The Committee has called it possible evidence that crimes were planned and carried out on Trump’s behalf during those crucial days.

Eastman had desperately tried to ward off the January 6 Committee from laying its hands on the emails. The panel has failed to comment on the issue.

The Emails In Possession Of The January 6 Committee Directly Incriminate People Close To Trump

The emails accessed by the January 6 Committee include 4 incriminating communication between Trump’s attorney. It indicates they were aware that they had submitted false documents to the courts. The 4 other emails reveal conspiracies through filing false lawsuits to postpone the declaration of the presidential election results by Congress.

One email details the concern of the attorneys that the declaration that they sent challenging the result of the election, which was signed by Trump, was not true.

Eastman has now asked the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to pass an order asking the January 6 Committee to destroy the 8 emails.

Eastman’s legal team told the court on Sunday that the incrimination documents should not be opened until the 9th Circuit ruled on the Motion for Stay, pending an appeal.

The January 6 Committee has time and again argued that the basis of Trump’s plan to overthrow the result of the 2020 presidential election lay in filing frivolous lawsuits. This they believed would delay endorsement of the result in several crucial swing states.