Rick Scott Finds Paul Pelosi Attack “Disgusting” And Generalizes Issue: Condemns All Round Violence And Rakes 2020 Election Conspiracies

Rick Scott

Republicans continue to temper their condemnation of the attack on the husband of Nancy Pelosi by blaming the stepping up of political violence which they allege has seeped into both sides of the aisle. Trump, predictably, has chosen not to condemn the violence and remain silent. In contrast, Rick Scott has continued in the same vein saying that while he found the attack “disgusting,” Republicans also have been the victims of motivated attacks.

Nancy Pelosi wrote to say that her husband 82-year-old Paul Pelosi continued to recover from his injuries. He was operated upon for a fractured skull and other injuries from the Friday attack. The attacker has been identified as 42-year-old David DePape.

DePape appeared deeply inspired by political conspiracy theories surrounding the 2020 presidential election, first expounded by disgraced former president Trump and echoed by most Republicans, including those contesting the midterms. Most Republican nominees at the 2022 midterms in November are Trump’s protégés and have his backing for the midterms.

Rick Scott Compares Pelosi Attack To Attack On Door Knocker

Rick Scott went on to compare the attack on Paul Pelosi with the attack on a “door knocker” in Florida. He was referring to a Republican canvasser being attacked which Senator Marco Rubio considered a politically motivated attack.

But Rick Scott has refused to term the attack on Paul Pelosi political and would only condemn all forms of violence.

President Biden said that it is not enough to only condemn the violence. He said you cannot condemn the violence unless you condemn the people who continue to argue that the 2020 election was not real and was stolen. He said that all such malarkey being put out by the Republicans undermines democracy. 

Rick Scoot too veered around to talk about conducting the election fairly, strengthening the feeling that the conspiracy theories that the Republicans talk about is endemic to every GOP member.