January 6 Committee’s Final Countdown Has Begun

Jan 6 Committee

The whole nation is looking forward to the January 6 committee acting fast, and some are eagerly waiting for former president Trump to be found guilty. However, whatever decision is going to be taken must take care of the USA presidentship, they can do nothing that would bring harm to the nation’s presidential ship and would end up being questioned.

January 6 Committee Priority Must Be Saving The Democracy

The January 6 committee’s last call is yet to be made and charge trump with a felony of election fraud case. Trump may be trying to turn the table in the 2020 election and that is yet to be proved. The whole case is being seen by a special counsel and January 6 committee is powerless to make any decision as such now. There is a risk to everything if Trump is found guilty the whole nation’s trust in the position would lay down a marker for future elections. That would be an attack on democracy, which is going to cost the future.

Not only the election but there is the possibility of Trump’s tax returns coming into the discussion. There are already many charges against Trump. Many witnesses would testify against Trump with the January 6th incident, and January 6 committee is preparing for something big.

Election workers faced racism from trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani who is currently facing court and judges’ questions and found his involvement with this. Trump has bribed many to keep quiet and they have testified one by one after January 6 committee took the matter into its own hand and scrutinized everyone and everything. And it’s clear that Trump’s supporters are dangerous to the country. He has harassed election workers purposely that has been proven.

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