January 6 Investigations Handed Over To Jack Smith

January 6 committee January 6 Investigation

After Robert Mueller, Jack Smith has been handed over the case of the January 6 Investigation. Not only that, Smith will be looking into the Mar-a-Lago case. At no cost, Smith will slow down both the investigation.

What Exactly January 6 Investigations Is?

After Donald Trump’s defeat, in the 2020 election, a mob attacked the United states capitol building in Washington DC. And the crowd was the supporter of then-president Donald Trump.

There is a higher possibility that the attack was solely Donald Trump’s idea, to stagnant the win of current president Joe Biden. During the mob attack at the capitol, many people were injured including 138 police officers, and five of them were Trump supporters who died. Jack Smith will comb through each incident and witness of attack. As of now, he is currently in the Netherlands, suffered a cycling injury, and is presently under a resting period.

However, this isn’t going to delay the January 6 Investigation. And he is very much aware of his physical situation, thus he made his team clear about his wishes not to postpone the investigation in any way. Jack Smith and his team are well aware of the upcoming hiccups Trump’s team going to cause, as the current team of the January 6th investigation has taken lessons from the previous team led by Robert Mueller, who has faced every type of roadblock by Trump. As Jack Smith doesn’t hold Robert Mueller’s kind of popularity, it may work as a blessing in disguise for him, to reach certain corners and alleys.

Trump previously handed some crucial papers to Florida after his presidency that will be taken into count, as he tried to slow down the investigation.

Smith at no cost will be delaying any kind of investigation, the January 6 Investigation and Mar-A-Lago will be investigated side by side.