Just One Month Before She Passed Away, Tina Turner Admitted She Has Had A Sort Of Crush On Her Friend Mick Jagger

tina turner
tina turner

The Rolling Stones lead singer caught the attention of the legendary Tina Turner. After a protracted illness, Tina Turner passed away this Wednesday at 83. Last month, she admitted in an explicit interview that she had somewhat of a liking for a well-known celebrity.

Mick Jagger was someone Turner admitted to having a crush on and even added that she adored the tour of Rolling Stones that they did together. Throughout their careers in music, Tina and Jagger, both 79, worked together frequently. They shared the stage at the Live Aid Festival in Philadelphia, where Jagger is infamous for ripping off Tina’s skirt while she was performing. 

Legendary Icon Tina Turner Details The “Skirt” Incident With Mick Jagger In Detail 

The “Two People” singer recounted the occasion in her autobiography which came out in 2018, stating she and Mick could never stand and perform on the stage, it was not them. They liked taking action. She recalled that during the performance, Mick had looked at her once and she could sense the sinister thought that had begun to form. This is what led to the infamous skirt incident. 

Post-examining Mick had discreetly inquired if the skirt came off, recalled Tina Turner, and said that before she could do anything, it was a bit too late since he had already decided on doing it. However, it didn’t matter since it was no random person but a very dear friend, said Tina Turner who married Erwin Bach in 2013.

The “Proud Mary” singer further stated in this interview that she wished to be recalled as someone who dearly loved Mick Jagger and encouraged women to pursue their dreams of music. Rest in peace, the queen of Rock N’ Roll.