January 6 Subpoenas Targets Roger Stone: Staunch Trump Ally Pleads His 5th Amendment Rights

Roger Stone

Roger Stone has said he invoked the Fifth amendment before the January 6 Commission investigation of the Capitol riots. Earlier the Committee investigating the deadly riots had subpoenaed Roger Stone and Alex Jones.

Roger Stone says he invoked the privilege against self-incrimination or the 5th Amendment as he responded to questions thrown at him. Later, following the deposition, he tore into the inquiry, branding it as a ‘witch hunt.’ while speaking to reporters.

Roger Stone claimed he was not present, nor was he in the mob that moved to take control of the Capitol, and took part in the January 6 riots. He denied any role in what he termed as politically counterproductive and illegal activities on January 6. He says he is disturbed by the ongoing examination of his activities a day earlier.

Stone said that he doesn’t wish to see a constitutionally protected activity criminalized. He termed it a slippery slope.  

Roger Stone was first subpoenaed in November under the investigation undertaken by the committee into the pro-Trump rallies. These rallies were part of the mob that undertook the assault on the Capitol on January 6.

Roger Stone Uses Situation To Appeal For Funds

Stone has used the situation generated around him to appeal for funds from his supporters and sympathizers. He claims that he has been forced to take security measures due to the threats against him. He says that the cost of attending the Committee session was costing him $10,000.

Stone says he had to pay $25,000 as legal charges. He says that the attack on him orchestrated by the Democrats left him and his wife exhausted and battered. He says that they are up to it again just because he resisted the pressure to give false testimony against Trump in what he termed as the Mueller witch-hunt.

The House had earlier recommended criminal charges against Mark Meadows, the ex-chief of staff at the White House as he defied a subpoena to appear before the committee.