Jean Carroll Has Brought A Lawsuit Against Trump

Jean Carroll

Jean Carroll, ex-columnist and ex-coworker.Former president Donald Trump. She has brought a defamation case against Trump, for sexually assaulting her in the department store in New York City back in the 1990s.

Jean Carroll Taking Advantage Of New York’s Law

This is the second time Jean Carroll is bringing another defamation lawsuit against Trump. However, Trump is well aware of the situation and has not spoken yet about it.

When both Carroll and Donald Trump were colleagues, Trump allegedly raped Jean Carroll in a department store in New York City in the 1990s. New York City has brought a law that would help raped or sexual assault victims files case against their attacker. This law would help Carroll find justice, and many believe she should take advantage of the law.

Previously, Trump being the president has brought many advantages and misused them against innocent people. Caused harm, and traumatized them in various ways. Carroll is one of them, Trump took advantage of Jean Carroll while they were young and wronged her, he has caused her so much trauma, and psychological pain along with physical injuries and suffering. She dealt with mental trauma longer than one should which caused her problems in the workplace.

Previously Trump has responded to Jean Carroll that he doesn’t even know her, and all she is saying is a lie and nothing else. In spite of apologizing even if Jean Carroll is wrong, Trump had shown his true color and humiliated her by saying ‘not his type”. She is doing all these to boost sales of her books. Carroll brought a lawsuit in 2019, that has been hanging in the balance. There is a 50-50 chance of a 2019 case will be dismissed and in any way this happens, the 2022 case wouldn’t be impactful.