January 6 Committee Certain Rick Perry Authored Text Encouraging Meadows To Tamper Electoral College Vote

Rick Perry

The House Committee looking into the Capitol attack on January 6 is certain that Rick Perry authored the message sent to Mark Meadows that ultimately ended up at the table of the committee. The message from the former Energy Secretary called for encouraging states controlled by the Republicans to cast the Electoral Votes for Trump in the presidential election ignoring the popular vote results.

Rick Perry, a former Texas Governor, sent this message to 3 state legislators, exhorting them to disregard the popular mandate and hand over the electors in their state to Trump, White House sources revealed.

One of Rick Perry’s spokesperson said that he has denied being the  text’s author. Multiple people close to Perry have confirmed that the number that is linked to the message is the former Governor’s phone number.

The phone number from which the message originated is also confirmed by databases as being registered to Texas’ James Richard Perry, which is his actual name.

The phone number is linked to a 2nd database, registered to an email belonging to the Dept. of Energy. It is also associated with Rick Perry at the time he was the Energy Secretary. The spokesperson evaded answering when confronted with these facts.

The Select Committee has refused to remark on the original source of the message. The message sent on November 4 2020 from Rick Perry’s number has garnered much attention this week.

The message is part of a trance of around 6,000 papers that Mark Meadows gave the Select Committee. The test was presented initially by Representative Jamie Raskin (D-Maryland) which advises Republican states such as North Carolina, Georgia, and Pennsylvania to send their electors to vote and send it to the Supreme Court.

Rick Perry’s Mail Indicates His Willingness To Cause A Constitutional Crisis

The text from Rick Perry indicates a readiness to lead to a constitutional crisis and ultimately undermine the presidential election. While the results from Georgia and Pennsylvania were delayed, Trump ultimately triumphed in North Carolina.

What experts found intriguing is that the author of the text wanted the Republican-dominated states to disregard the voters’ will and choose their electorate. They reckoned that the Republican-dominated Supreme Court might ultimately hand over the reins of the government to Trump for a second time.