Jared Kushner May Testify Before The Jan 6 Capitol Attack House Committee

Jared Kushner

According to various people familiar with the case, Jared Kushner, former President Trump’s son-in-law and a top advisor in his White House, is likely to testify before the committee investigating the January 6th attack on the US Capitol. On Jan 6, Kushner was not physically present at the White House, but he had tremendous power inside the government.

Jared Kushner was returning to Washington after a trip to Saudi Arabia, where he was involved in Gulf Arab leader discussions. That day, he did not return to the White House. In a January letter, the committee invited Ivanka Trump, Kushner’s wife, to testify, citing her attendance with her father in the White House that day. She also testified her presence in the Oval Office during a phone discussion Trump had with Vice President Mike Pence on Jan 6. A spokeswoman claimed she was in talks with the committee to voluntarily attend an interview as recently as late February.

Jared Kushner May Testify Against Donald Trump

A committee representative declined to comment, and Kushner’s spokesperson could not be reached for comment.

The news of Jared Kushner’s testimony came as a result of a victory for the committee: A federal judge in California ordered conservative attorney John Eastman to hand over a batch of emails the committee had requested and found that former President Donald Trump “more likely than not” attempted to obstruct official congressional proceedings on the day of the attack.

On Monday night, the committee will vote on whether to recommend to the House that two former Trump advisers be put in contempt of Congress for refusing to comply with the committee’s subpoenas. Late Sunday, the committee published a report recommending that the nine-member committee moves through with placing Peter Navarro and Dan Scavino in contempt. Because the committee is made up of seven Democrats and two Republicans who both support investigating the former president, the vote is certain to pass.