Jarred Vanderbilt Reveals His Thoughts On Facing Stephen Curry

Jarred Vanderbilt

Following May 2nd’s Western Conference Semi-final Game 1 between the Lakers and the Warriors, Jarred Vanderbilt shared an amazing opinion about Curry with Lebron James, his teammate. He said that Curry did not run any less than a professional marathoner. If that is truly the case, then Vanderbilt was almost nearly as good. After all, he was the defender assigned to one of the greatest sharpshooters the game has ever seen.

Jarred Vanderbilt Did A Fantastic Job In Reducing Curry’s Impact

After the Lakers won Game 1 117 points to 112, Jarred Vanderbilt revealed how he told LeBron that he had no clue how Curry could run that much. Vanderbilt reckoned Curry ran nearly 2 miles over the course of the game.

Anthony Davies, the Lakers’ Center, though was by far the star that shone the brightest for the home victory. He scored 30 points, secured 23 rebounds, assisted 5 times, and blocked 4 attempts. Jarred Vanderbilt’s Curry defense was largely overlooked due to Davies’ stellar performance.

In the first game, Curry managed to add 27 points, of which 10 on-field attempts were successful for 24 attempts, and 6 3-pointers were successful from 13 attempts. He also turned over 5 times mostly because of Jarred Vanderbilt’s defending. It was the lowest Curry had scored in his career in any postseason game he has played.

Jarred Vanderbilt, of course, had fantastic help from the likes of Dennis Schroder. Vanderbilt was all praise for Curry, though. He called him a fantastic player and said that when Curry did not have the ball was when the sharpshooter’s danger increased even more. The moment a defender thinks they can relax and let him run is the moment they have to focus the most. In the end, even if Curry was a “tough cover” for Jarred Vanderbilt, he will be pleased with his performance.