Havana Syndrome Causes The US Vice-President’s Flight To Get Delayed

Havana Syndrome
Havana Syndrome

The departure of Kamala Harris, the vice-president of the United States of America, got delayed. This incident took place while she was in Vietnam and was returning back with her team. The reason that was stated for the delay was Havana syndrome. This incident took place on the 24th of August and the departure was to take place from Vietnam. The reason was stated by the embassy of the United States that is situated in Hanoi, to her office. 

Havana Syndrome, The “Anomalous Health Incident”

Havana syndrome is something that has previously affected many officials of the country. Rachael Chen, the spokesperson for the embassy of the United States, gave a statement. It was stated that the delay took place due to an “anomalous health incident” that took place recently. It was stated that the incident took place in Hanoi. The spokesperson further stated that her team then assessed whether they should carry on with the trip or not. And after carefully assessing everything, they came to the decision that vice-president Kamala Harris would continue her trip. 

Later, Symone Sanders, the chief spokesperson of the Democratic vice-president, gave a statement on the status of the situation. Nothing was mentioned about the Havana syndrome and that the health of the vice president was completely fine. The spokesperson also stated that she would continue the rest of her work.

It was also stated that the delay that took place had nothing to do with the health of vice president Kamala Harris. Jen Psaki, the press secretary of the White House, too spoke on the matter. She stated nothing about the Havana syndrome but cleared that the ones who were ill were not accompanying the vice president in her travels. There is no explanation for the Havana syndrome given by the intelligence community until now.