Link Suffers From Self-Doubt In The Latest Episode Of Grey’s Anatomy


The Grey’s Anatomy episode on May 4th was all about second chances, and using to overcome doubts. In the episode Link Lincoln (played by Chris Cormack) is requested by Owen Hunt (played by Kevin McKidd) to aid in an ICU consultation.

An ICU Case Leaves Link Doubting His Abilities

The ICU victim at the Grey Sloan Memorial was Sam Sutton (played by Sam Page), a veteran. He had suffered a severe injury during a base jump, as he had slammed into a wall of granite. However, the physical discomfort and pain did not take away Sam’s humor. When Lincoln and Owen came to look at him, Sam quipped by saying that it felt worse than how he looked.

Owen assured Sam that Lincoln would look after him, after calling Link “the best” in his field. Kwame, one of Sam’s comrades, knew who Lincoln was because he had seen him during the media coverage of the death of the Tank. As such, Kwame wanted to know if a 2nd opinion could be taken. However, Owen was insistent that it was only one bad day for Link, and it can happen.

Kwame requested Lincoln to try not to have a similarly bad day because he wants to see Limb survive with all of his limbs. Link responds by saying that he will give it the best he has, which is also quite good. Sam had suffered over 75 broken bones, which had made Lincoln suggest multiple surgeries over one single one. However, when presented with the choice, Sam chose the single one when Owen gave him the choices.

This made Link doubt whether he can pull off this complex surgery. That is when Jo Wilson (played by Camilla Luddington) reassured him and gave him cookies. Fortunately, that seemed to have done the trick as Link successfully completed the surgery.