Jason Momoa Receives Birthday Wish From Lenny Kravitz

Jason Momoa
Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa turned 42 this Sunday. The Hollywood actor celebrated his birthday with his close ones. Lenny Kravitz posted a picture on Instagram wishing Jason his birthday. This message from Kravitz only strengthens the bond between the three people.

Jason Momoa Enjoys Birthday, Wishes Galore

Social media went crazy over two incidents on Sunday that involved Jason Momoa. Firstly, he received a flurry of messages on his 42nd birthday. Fans from all over the world showed love and wished him all the best. Among the wishes, a wish from Lenny Kravitz seems to catch everyone’s eye. 

Kravitz is the ex-husband of Lisa Bonnet. The couple met in 1985 but soon parted ways in 1993. He wished Jason a very happy birthday. He addressed Jason as “brother” and expressed his joy of having a brother like him. He mentioned the three of them as one family. This triggered a wave of speculations among the fans.

The fans acknowledged the occurrence. They admired the healthy and respectful ratio of the three individuals. It is very much evident from the fact that all three of them share a great bond. 

As soon as the post was revealed, Bonet went viral. She was adored for having a great choice in terms of men. Fans admired her ability to maintain a healthy relationship with both of her husbands. A follower termed Bonet as a sorcerer. She asked the celebrity the secret to find such graceful men. 

Twitter heaped praises on both Lenny and Lisa. Kravitz was said to have set the bar for the men very high. Bonet was regarded highly for her ability to string together such a healthy bond. It seems Jason Momoa’s birthday just became much happier. The brotherhood shared by them was something to be envious of.