Marjorie Taylor Greene Suspended From Using Twitter, Again!

marjorie taylor greene
marjorie taylor greene

One of the most popular social media platforms of the world, Twitter, took a stern step towards handling the spread of misinformation. The action was taken against Marjorie Taylor Greene, a member of the US House of Representatives. The Republican Representative was found guilty of spreading unscientific information with regard to the coronavirus vaccine. The incident took place this Monday. This news was derived from a new source.

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Controversial Tweets

The Republican hailing from the state of Georgia is well known for her volatile statements. She will not be able to post any of her tweets until the completion of 12 hours. This is according to the policy of Twitter in order to take active action against people who repeatedly make the mistake of spreading false information. In the past few days, a few tweets of Marjorie Taylor Greene were regarded to be “misleading” by Twitter. There is also a theory according to which Marjorie Taylor Greene could be suspended permanently from the social media platform in case of any further violations. 

The suspension of the 47-year-old Republican Rep. comes as a step taken by Twitter in order to comply with the orders published by the federal government. As per the order, all the platforms of social media are to work against any misleading information that discourages the citizens from taking the coronavirus vaccines.

This step of the government comes as the country witnesses a rise in the cases of the coronavirus pandemic again.  This is not the first suspension that Marjorie Taylor Greene has faced from Twitter. Earlier, she was suspended for a span of 12 hours due to her controversial tweet concerning the elections of the Georgia Senate. Irrespective of everything, the Georgia-based politician has grown to be one of the favorites of the far rights.